In my life, the real victory for me was owning my expectation to be fulfilled and this statement gone truth when I participated being member of my football team in tournament and won the tournament.

It had become a real victory for me. I was totally overwhelmed on that moment. Our team spirit and good guidance of our coach made us to this position and we were very proud to hold that trophy.

I had just two kinds of questions on my mind. One; will we be on winning position or not? Second; what we be when we don’t stand on everyone expectation? But our hard work and believe in ourselves made us winner. Best kind of real happiness was seeing in everyone face. It was a greatest victory of our life. We felt proud of ourselves. Our teachers were proud of ourselves. We were very thankful to our school for providing such a great platform to believe in our dreams and believing in our ability to show in front of mass.

Rejila Dahal
Class: 9
School: Shankar National School



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